Volume 3 No.2: (February, 2003)
Cockfighting - A DIE-HARD Trad...

Games and play made ordinary days more enjoyable for Khmers living in the countryside during ancient times. During festivals, holidays, or after a long rice harvest, people in the countryside especial... Read More.

What's About The Banana

For generations, farmers have pulled Chek, commonly known as "bananas," from Cambodian trees, yet little is known about the filling fruit. Peeling away the mystery surrounding the banana's origin no e... Read More.

Rice - Granular Fuel Of An Eco...

Eating rice, like breathing air, is a matter of survival in Cambodia. This granular staple of the Khmer diet fulfills both the country's nutritional and economic demands, nourishing the body and the m... Read More.

Tribute To A Star

The mental and physical abuse of war ravaged the bodies and souls of countless Cambodians, slaughtering not only life, but the will to live as well. Cambodians gifted with artistic or intellectual ski... Read More.


The quiet yet charming province of Kampot will soon see great changes, as its talented governor has a vision for the future. Recognizing the potential of Kampot's nearly untapped tourist industry, Gov... Read More.

Cambodian Spirit - Marble Man ...

More than 30 percent of Pursat province's residents carve their living out of the best quality marble in Cambodia, according to Mr. Ly Khean, chief of the marble carving department in the museum of Pu... Read More.

Places Of Interest In PURSAT

A province known as a parking spot might be Cambodia's newest travel destination. Hungry travelers winding along National Road 5 between Phnom Penh and Battambang have been known to pause in Pursat to... Read More.


GOOD DAY GOOD READERS, The cool season is in full swing here in beautiful Cambodia, and as temperatures fall, the number of visitors is riding high. Increased numbers of tourists have visited the cou... Read More.

Three ASEAN Sisters Bordering ...

ASEAN countries are like a family of sisters, each one more beautiful than the next. It is difficult to pick favorites among the group, since all have unique personalities and attractions. Rather than... Read More.

Frankly Speaking

According to a recent report published in the Los Angeles Chronicle, there are approximately 160,000 Cambodians suffering from HIV/AIDS and even more at risk of contracting the fatal disease. Men see... Read More.


Recreational experience involving visits to rural settings or rural environments for the purpose of participating in or experiencing activities, events or attractions not readily available in urbanize... Read More.

Legend Of Yeay (Granny) MAO

Incense and prayers should be packed for trips past the Yeay Mao statue in the village of Pich Nile. It is believed that travelers heading along National Road 4 to Sihanoukville's beautiful beaches mu... Read More.

Yesterday & Tomorrow

There are two days in every week about which we should not worry; two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension. One of these days is Yesterday with all its mistakes and cares, its fa... Read More.